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Al Lewis 

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Denise Holland

Director of Employee Healthcare

Hog Slat, Inc.

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Why Nobody Believes the Numbers

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Incentives have become an integral part of driving engagement in health and wellness. Whether your program is focused on motivating initial participation or supporting ongoing behavioral change, finding the magic formula increases the ROE – return on engagement. 

We have compiled a team of experts in their respective fields to discuss the most popular incentives used in wellness programs today, how population and goals affect the incentives you should offer, and how to overcome common challenges with the administration process. 

Join our panel as they candidly discuss: 

  • The most commonly used incentives, and their pros and cons 
  • Factors to consider based on a growing multi-generational population 
  • Frequently asked questions that come with administration 
  • Challenges that occur based on limited resources, coverage, and taxes

Using Incentives to Drive Wellness Engagement

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Successful Use Cases from the Experts

Incentive Research Foundation

Chief Research Officer

Rodger Stotz

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Senior Benefits Specialist

Justin Cruger

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